Lt. Colonel William F. Murray

Lieutenant-Colonel William F. Murray MSM, OHG
September 16, 1935 – October 17, 2016

Bill Murray was born in Greenock, Scotland. His family immigrated to Canada when he was 17 years old. Not wealthy, Bill was denied a secondary education and started work at Border Broker/Livingston where he worked for 49 years. Very intelligent and strong willed, Bill advanced through the ranks cultivating in being Vice President of Sales. After a health crisis that had him away from work for 6 months he returned as motivator and sales trainer. Bill survived 3 different bouts with cancer, winning each time, but unfortunately it was a brocken hip that brought on advance dementia, and he passed a month later. He died very peacefully with his family by his side. Bill is survived by his son Paul (Lt. Col. Paul Murray MSM, OHG) and his daughter Donna.

Bill loved the Frasers and advanced through the ranks to become Officer Commanding. He was part of the Command Group and was at every dinner, parade and ceremony. Bill was brought into The 78th by Ernie Stoakley and they became close friends. Similar in stature and wit, many thought that they were brothers. A large contingent of officers attended his celebration of life. He would have loved that! Bill’s son is a high ranking office in York Garrison and two of his grandsons are Musketmen.