Joining The Honourable Guard

Any officer who is interested in joining this elite unit is encouraged to do so. The first step is to attend drill practice.

In becoming an Officer of The Honourable Guard each recruit is required to master the drill of the 18th Century. He has to be proficient in:

  • Foot Drill – Stationary and on the march
  • Sword Drill – Stationary and on the march
  • Spontoon Drill – Stationary and on the march

He is required to know the history of the 78th Fraser Highlanders from it’s inception to the present.

He must be in possession, or in a reasonable time frame, a full Regimental Scarlet Uniform of the 78th Fraser Highlanders.

He must be willing to give of his time to participate, when required, in public functions remembering, at all times, he represents the Regiment and not to bring discredit to the Regiment.

Then and only then will he have the Honour of having the initials OHG, Officer of The Honourable Guard, after his name and qualify for the presentation of his Gorget.

If you are interested in joining the The Honourable Guard, please contact Captain Robbie Sprules, Commander of The Honourable Guard and Field Units