Major Robbie Sprules, MSMF, OHG
Officer Commanding

Captain John S Lee, OHG, HMH
Second in Command, Communications Officer

Lt. Col Charles Hill, OHG, HMH
Financial Officer

Lt. Col Jonathon Avery, MSMF, OHG, HMH
Commander of the Honourable
Guard and Field Units

Lt. Col Paul Murray, MSMF, OHG
Quartermaster, PMC, 2IC to the CHG

Ensign Will Santo


Ensign Athol Hart
Recruiting Officer

Lt. Col David Clark, MSMF, OHG, HMH
Captain of the Henchmen

Captain Malcolm Sinclair, MSMF, OHG, HMH

Hon. Lt. Col Lionel J. Goffart MSMF, GBM, HMH