Benjamin H. (Ben) Greenaway was born in Shotts, Motherwell, Scotland moving to Belfast, Ireland at the age of six. He was the youngest of 15 siblings, and had a deep love of football, playing goalkeeper in Ireland. He married the love of his life Patricia (Pat) McAlinden in 1954 before moving to Canada in 1956. Ben worked for de Havilland, IBM, Honeywell and FMC retiring in 1993 to continue playing his new found sport, golf. Pat and Ben were fond of Scottish Country Dancing, and both were outstanding at this highly complicated dance.

Ben joined The 78th Fraser Highlanders, York in 1981 as a Volunteer Sergeant, and was recognized for his 15 years as Captain of the Honorable Guard and Field Units, after serving in the post for 15 years, with a promotion to Brevet Major (known in the Garrison as The Brevet Major). Many of us who trained as Guardsmen under Ben were often terrified by the icy stare coming from those penetrating blue eyes of his. He was tall, slim, and did not suffer fools gladly. An expert in our uniform details and the history of the 78th, 2nd Battalion of Foot, no one has really come close to matching his knowledge. Ben was fabulously kind, generous and forgiving, loved by everyone who met him, and instilled in the Officers of the Garrison a deep esprit de corps. His Scottish/Irish accent heard as he spat out his orders to the Guard and the Musket Squad kept us all on our feet and alert. He often gave the Address to the Haggis, professionally and lovingly given. Ben garnered the respect of all the Miladies and Officers of the Garrison, an irreplaceable gentleman who formed part of the solid foundation of the 78th. Ben died in 2016 hours after two Officers of the Garrison visited him in the hospital, giving him full honors and a rousing formal salute.